Certificate Course

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Course Content

This intensive course offers theoretical frameworks and creative movement experiences from dance therapy. It also includes the evolution, principles, goals, approaches and techniques of the discipline used in group and individual work with extensive supervision.  

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Short Term Programs

Therapeutic Dance-in-Education (TDIE)


"The Therapeutic Dance-in-Education program was introduced in 2019 to impart training in the practice of use of dance and movement with children and young adults in school and special education settings. Participants will be trained in the practice of using dance and movement with children and young adults in schools and special education settings to engage with the physical, mental, emotional, creative, and social aspects of students, enhancing their holistic personality development. The program will be offered in a hybrid mode with online classes and offline classes. The program is open to school teachers, dance teachers, school counselors, special educators, occupational therapists. The training program is being offered in collaboration with logistics partner Chaari Center for Creative Movement Therapy. "

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The 40- hour remedial dance and movement training program for Special Educators and therapists. The program was geared towards training participants in remedial dance and movement experience in order to work with children/ young adults with physical, emotional and intellectual challenges. The participants were trained to create curricula for special schools and therapy centres and also apply movement-based interventions for children with autism, Down’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, learning disabilities, developmental delays, emotional disturbances, and physical challenges. The program was conducted in Delhi and Bengaluru in the years 2017 and 2018.



A two-day Arts Festival curated exclusively for children with special needs, parents and special educators. The event, held at Bengaluru, offered a variety of workshops in dance/movement, visual art, music therapy and storytelling along with insightful panel discussions on the development of child care. The workshops were conducted and facilitated by therapists who have pioneered alternative approaches to wellness.